Single Login

It is possible to use a single login for signing in to both SkyTeam Virtual, Star Alliance Virtual and oneworld virtual. This guide will show you how to do so.

Please be aware that this will only create a single login. It is not possible to share your profile between the different VA’s.

Note: You must register for the VA's separately before you can link your accounts.

If you have any problems with executing any of these steps or you feel the steps can be expanded, please create a support ticket on your VA’s website.

Linking accounts

First, register an account on VASystem by visiting and clicking Create account. Fill in your information, then click Register.

After you have created your account, login to your VA and go to your settings by clicking on your name in the top-right hand corner and selecting My Settings.

On this page, click Connect your VASystem account. If this button is not visible, your VAS account is already linked to a VASystem account, shown by the text You are currently connected to a VASystem account. In this case, your account is already linked to a VASystem account. If you are not aware of the account it is linked to, please create a support ticket on your VA’s website.

After you have linked your account by logging in to VASystem and consenting by clicking Accept, you will be redirected back to the VA website and a confirmation message will be displayed.

Logging in with your VASystem account

To login with your VASystem account, click Login with VASystem on the login page of your airline. You will be asked for your VASystem credentials and be redirected back to your VA’s website.