Failed Uploads

VAS ACARS will sometimes fail to upload your flight report. Most often this happens because your local internet connection drops/times out momentarily. You can upload it again by reloading your save at the gate, or by starting a new flight at the arrival gate with the aircraft in cold and dark. Wait until everything has been loaded then restart VAS ACARS and start the recording. You will be prompted that you are not at your departure airport, press continue, and then you will be prompted that you can start a new recording or continue your previous one. Continue your previous one and let the recording run for a few seconds. Then stop the recording again and submit your flight report.

If this does not work, open the Help menu in VAS ACARS and select Open flights folder. Enter the folder named flights and sort by date. Find your most recent .bin file and save it. Then, please create a support ticket including your booking information (route, booked aircraft, etc.). You can attach the (preferred) or .bin file to the support ticket by selecting the file as an attachment. A staff member will then upload the flight manually.