Lights not detected

If points are deducted for not having turned on or off some lights, such as your taxi light, this page might be helpful to you.

First of all, check to make sure you do turn on/off the lights at the correct lights at the correct time. For more information about our flight scoring, please see the complete guide to flight scoring.

If you are sure you have followed the instructions correctly, there might be an addon detection issue. Unfortunately, not all addons report their lights’ status to FSUIPC correctly and as such our flight processor will incorrectly believe lights are turned off while they are actually turned on and vice-versa. Some add-ons, such as the PMDG aircraft provide additional FSUIPC data points that allow us to identify the correct status of these lights. However, in most cases these data points are not available and we have thus far not been able to find a proper solution for this issue.

For some aircraft, such as the TFDi Design 717, FSLabs A320 and the FlightFactor A320, we have disabled taxi light points and as such you will always receive full points for the taxi and strobe lights on these aircraft. There are additional aircraft that also have these fixes, such as the QualityWings 787 for the landing light. The list given here is not complete. If you believe your aircraft addon to be malfunctioning, please create a support ticket so we can look into adding your addon to our ignore list.


Alternatively, or if your aircraft addon is a supported addon but does not function for you specifically, one of our pilots (Jose Serro) has kindly provided us with a program to partially solve this issue. By using his program you can manually force the FSUIPC data points/offsets to a specified state. For most addons, this should resolve the issue if you set all lights at the correct positions at all times. It can be downloaded here. Instructions to install and run are included in the ZIP file.

Aircraft guides

PMDG aircraft

If you are flying one of the PMDG aircraft (PMDG 737, PMDG 747, or PMDG 777), we have implemented specific fixes for these aircraft and they should be supported out of the box. However, VAS ACARS can detect incorrectly that some of these fixes are in place and in that case your lights will not work correctly.

First of all, please check that the options file for your aircraft contains the following:


The options file for your aicraft can be found in the following location (replace SIMROOT by the location where you have installed your simulator, e.g. C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4):

  • PMDG 737: SIMROOT/PMDG/PMDG 737 NGX/737NGX_Options.ini
  • PMDG 747: SIMROOT/PMDG/PMDG 747 QOTS II/747QOTSII_Options.ini
  • PMDG 777: SIMROOT/PMDG/PMDG 777X/777X_Options.ini

More information about this can be found in this forum post.

Another possibility for the aircraft light not working correctly for one of the PMDG aircraft is that VAS ACARS did not detect that these are PMDG aircraft, which can happen when the aircraft are not placed in the default location. VAS ACARS checks that the aircraft path includes the following substrings:

  • PMDG 737: SimObjects\\Airplanes\\PMDG 737
  • PMDG 747: SimObjects\\Airplanes\\PMDG 747
  • PMDG 777: SimObjects\\Airplanes\\PMDG 777

If you have placed your aircraft in non-default locations, either use FSLights provided above or move your aircraft to a standard location. We currently cannot detect the aircraft if they are not in one of these standard locations.