No data received error

When you receive the “No data received for at least 30 seconds” error, VAS ACARS (regardless of your active internet connection) is not receiving any data from your simulator, this REQUIRES ACTION on your part, as we can not score flight data that we do not have. FSUIPC, SimConnect, or the X-Plane plugin can freeze/crash/lose connection, thereby not providing any data. First, try restarting VAS ACARS using the following procedure:

Simply exit VAS ACARS without submitting your flight. Then, restart VAS ACARS and retrieve your booking. Then, click Start Recording. You will be prompted that you are not at your departure airport, press Continue, and then you will be prompted that you can start a new recording or continue your previous one. Press Continue and you are good to go.

If the error continues to occur, you will need to restart your simulator to restore the connection, which can be done by following the procedure here.